Wednesday, 16 July 2008


It’s time for foot work and one-two pass

I’ll give u tips about this,but,like before…give me at least 5 comments…


All the tips that I’ll give is

  1. flip kick

  2. free kick

  3. maradona’s spin

  4. foot work(like CR7)

  5. one-two pass

  6. heading shot

  7. volley first time shot

  8. long curve through pass

  9. player’s special ability

  10. corner kick

I think it’s enough for now,but if there is any Questions,just ask from the comment,shoutbox,or my e-mail address…
It’ll be my pleasure to answer..

want to know all of that
just like before…I’ll wait until 5 comment under my blog

thank you…


I think it was enough for the introduction,and beside,many people have known about that right?
And…if u want me make the review again,just leave ur comment,and I’ll considering to write the review…

So now….
I think it’s time for guide n many tips

I’ll write it regularly,so please be patient,key???

Eventually….i want to give u the guide about Master League mode
But it’s not finish yet…

So this time,I’ll give u the tips to do rabona
But,before I go…
I’d like to make some kind of discussion right here,so please ur comment,Okey???

First…I’ll ask U guys…
Who knows about the rabona???
Please answer me Key???
And If there any at least 5 people that leave the comment on this post,I’ll give u the tips how to do this trick,coz…this trick is really awesome guys….n girls of course


Oh…I’m forget…
Yeah…about teams….
In this new WE series,the number of teams is increased 2X(100%),from 64 become 128,amazing right???
Of course it is…
So now u can play using u’r favourit national team or ur FC favourit
Great huh??

And about the number of player,of course it will be more than thousand,beside u can unlock the legendary player from WE Shop…
U can get ur favourit legendary player like maradona,pele,n etc. n u can use them in the match.(in the Master League mode)
Oh…yeah …once more,there is some number of legendary national teams like Holland classic,argentina,or brasil classic,n other.

Monday, 14 July 2008



Like I was said before…

I’ll make a blog about WE 10
N first…
I’ll make a review about this
N please leave ur comment
Thanks before..

Here we go……

WE 10 is the latest WE series on the PS2 console
Before WE 10,there was WE 7,8, and 9
In every series of WE,there was a signifikan development of the part of the game such as Gameplay,graphic,sound,and the number of the teams that we can use.

First,about gameplay
Yeah as a player…I feel much different about the gameplay…
Let’s we start from about the Computer Intelligent
I feel,the computer is more advance now,such as the Goal Keeper Intelligent,
When it give the pass to another player,the GK will be more careful,it will choose the safest player who can take the pass…but sometimes…I don’t know why the GK can do some mistake in passing,sometime the GK will pass the ball to the OPPONENT PLAYER,and of course it so dangerous right?
Because the opponent can just kick the ball to the Goal then….goal of course with the GK just astounded.

Yeah…it was one of it…
Another one is,the computer become more hard to beaten…
And in the game we can choose the level of the CPU player
It was signed by star…
The more Star we choose,the hardest CPU level we get…
There was 5 star on the standard game,but we can buy one more star from WE Shops in WE Shop mode with 1000 WE point(WE point???what is it?....take a journey to my next post about WE point)
And with this six star,we’ll get the hardest level from CPU…and of course it will be more hard to beaten…

And for the gameplay,I’ll give score 8 from 1-10 score scale.

Yeah it was about my review for the gameplay.
Then about the graphic…

The graphic is more great than the previous series,we can found that the face of the player is more realistic and approach the real one.About the game movement,yeah,of course there are development,the game movement is much smoother than before.But,unfortunately sometime the player movement look so slow when the player start to running,it looks like a robotic,but it will be fixed if the player reach he max speed that we can get by pressing R1 rapidly.

And this is the special feature,that in the series before it not yet.
It is about the spectator or audience behaviour.When u make a goal,sometimes before u press the start button,U’ll see that the spectator reaction,it is very great and it so alive…

Then,I’ll give score 9 for yhe graphic.

And now the last,abut the sound…
Ohh…really,the ound from this game is so realistic and make ur game alive.
Especially about the supporter or fans sound,they'll make sounds for ur teams.
the exampleis when u use Holland or Iran,the music will run so great n burn ur spirit
and especially with Iran,the fans will make ISlamic sounds.U can try by urself.

so for the sound i'll give score 9 too.

And for all,this is the best football game on PS 2,so the all score will be 10 for me.
But i wonder,when WE 11 would be released,anyone know?

WE lover (introduction)

Hi everyone…………. This is my first blog…… N in this…….. I’m gonna make a blog about WE Of course everyone knows about this right….? Yeah….WE is a game….football game… It was an akronim of Winning Eleven N in this blog…. Firstly…I’ll make a review about the latest WE on PS2 console It was WE 10…. And maybe it is so late that I make this review now,because this game made at 2006,but,because I love this game so much,then I think late is allright than nothing. For all football lover n WE lover,pleae take a look on this blog And leave ur comment… thanks Oh yeah…firstly….I want to say sorry to everyone who reads my blog…. I’m sorry about my English… I’ve try the best,but if there any mistake on my write… I wish you want to give ur advices to me n correct my blog… Thank you before… n…this is my first blog… don’t be to hard to me… and leave ur comment in my blog… I’ll appreciate it… Thank you……………………..