Wednesday, 16 July 2008


It’s time for foot work and one-two pass

I’ll give u tips about this,but,like before…give me at least 5 comments…


All the tips that I’ll give is

  1. flip kick

  2. free kick

  3. maradona’s spin

  4. foot work(like CR7)

  5. one-two pass

  6. heading shot

  7. volley first time shot

  8. long curve through pass

  9. player’s special ability

  10. corner kick

I think it’s enough for now,but if there is any Questions,just ask from the comment,shoutbox,or my e-mail address…
It’ll be my pleasure to answer..

want to know all of that
just like before…I’ll wait until 5 comment under my blog

thank you…


  1. hard to understand

  2. asli lah,,,,,
    mantep bet!!??
    lucu n murah juga hamsternya!!?? ^^