Wednesday, 16 July 2008


I think it was enough for the introduction,and beside,many people have known about that right?
And…if u want me make the review again,just leave ur comment,and I’ll considering to write the review…

So now….
I think it’s time for guide n many tips

I’ll write it regularly,so please be patient,key???

Eventually….i want to give u the guide about Master League mode
But it’s not finish yet…

So this time,I’ll give u the tips to do rabona
But,before I go…
I’d like to make some kind of discussion right here,so please ur comment,Okey???

First…I’ll ask U guys…
Who knows about the rabona???
Please answer me Key???
And If there any at least 5 people that leave the comment on this post,I’ll give u the tips how to do this trick,coz…this trick is really awesome guys….n girls of course

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